Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spoiler: We Didn't Get To Go To Disney World

My in-laws went to Disney World in November.  We were supposed to go but we got Oscar instead.  My momma-in-law wanted pictures of the kids in their Disney outfits she bought so...

But then really...

Oscar looks like The Fonz and well, that's Eva.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ozzy Ray at 5 Months

In case you can't tell, I've decided not to write unless I have something to say.

Oscar Bear turned five months today!

Oscar likes: Laughing, Mickey Mouse, Eva Carlene
Oscar dislikes: Eating

I may have got the world's greatest sleeper but it hasn't come without it's downs.  Eating is still such a pain.  He's started eating cereal and oatmeal, a little bit of squash and a little bit of mashed potatoes but he still doesn't keep everything down.  There is a layer of spit up all over my house.  It's like my house is haunted by regurgitated formula and there is no way to exorcise it!


I tried changing bottles this weekend.  That boy took one look at that bottle and gave me the stink eye.  He wouldn't even put it in his mouth.  Aside from changing formula (which I don't want to do again) I'm at a loss of what to do.  I guess just wait it out.

Compared to Evie though he's pretty advanced.  Eve didn't start rolling over (front to back) until she was five months old.  Oscar started that at two months and I have a feeling by Christmas he'll be sitting by himself.

Last night some friends came over with their eight month old and Oscar was about an inch taller than him.  I guess I have The Thunder's next center.  So watch your back Adams.  My boy is coming for ya.

Can I be honest for a sec? Am I a bad mom for wanting the whole baby stage to be over?  I feel horribly guilty saying that but these past few months have been rough.  I'm not enjoying this baby phase like I did with Eva.  I feel overwhelmed constantly.  I remember talking about how I'm scared I'll neglect Eva because I have to take care of Oscar and I feel like I do that every day.  I always tell her "in a minute" or "not right now."  With Squish at school and her wanting to play right as I sit down to feed Oscar, well, I just feel like a shitty mom.

I know I'm doing my best given the circumstances, I'm just exhausted.

Thus concludes this month's session of Kari Whines-a-lot.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ozzy Ray at Four Months

I mean, have you seen a happier boy?  It's this face 90% of the time.  The other 10% he's eating.  And it's a nightmare.

I don't know what his problem is (acid reflux) but feeding him since about Day 3 has been the worst.  He does nothing but spit up.  I called the doctor and she put him on some medicine and cereal.  The medicine has helped with the pain, so he's not a squirmy, kicking maniac (maniac!) that's for sure.

But the cereal isn't helping helping like I think it should.  He still isn't keeping the majority of his food down.  I did notice the rolls on his legs this past week so maybe it is helping and I'm just being a mom.

Anyway, rolling is his preferred mode of transportation and it's adorable.  Last night he eyeballed a toy he wanted and rolled until he got to it.  Then he looks up and says, "hey mom! didja see that!"

I love when he's so proud of himself.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Eva Loves Dream Catchers

You should know that I think 98% of the things my daughter says are hilarious.

After Oscar was born Eva started having bad dreams.  I would tell her to think of all the happy things in her life before she fell asleep and that would cause her to have good dreams.  This worked for a long time.  And then one day, as I was taking her to school she tells me, "Mom, I want a dream catcher."  I think Oooo this'll be the perfect opportunity to make those cute dream catchers I see on Etsy.  So I tell her we can make one together.  We'll go to the store and buy ribbons and beads and feathers.  "No mom, no feathers.  They'll get in my sleep and I'll sneeze in my dreams."

Logical is this one.

So we go to the store and she picks out ribbon in every color of the rainbow and we make her a dream catcher (no feathers).  For about two months now she wakes up every morning "Momma! Momma! It worked.  My dream catcher worked!"

And then one day it stopped working.  She had a bad dream in the middle of the night and got in bed with us (I'm so not complaining.  I love her snuggles).  Her daddy tells her "mommy just needs to fix your dream catcher.  It's probably broken."  That was about a week ago.

This morning she tells me, "Mom, my dream catcher needs feathers.  Feathers will tickle the bad dreams away."

I mean, really, the cutest.

Long story short, I finished Eva's room while I was on summer vacation*.

I also discovered the pano function on my camera phone.

*or what normal people call maternity leave.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Morning Peeps

When I came back to work my (wonderful) boss let me change my hours. Before Oz, I would take Eve to my mom's in her jammies, still half asleep. My mom would wake her, dress her, feed her and get her to school. I would rush to work just to rush home and try to fit in play time and bath time before I rushed her to bed.

Now that I go in later, we have nice, slow mornings. I make breakfast for both kids. I feed Oscar and I take Eva to school. That's honestly something I never thought I would get to do. Being a working mom you have to outsource a lot of mundane things that you just can't get to. It's the mundane things I missed most. I never knew what Eva looked like when she went to school. Yeah, I would pick out her clothes but I didn't fix her hair. I didn't brush her teeth. I didn't make her breakfast. It's those little things that I hold so close to my heart now.

Every morning I wake Oscar up. I set him free from his swaddler* and watch him stretch. Dear God baby stretches are the cutest things ever. He talks to me and smiles. He kicks and grunts. We kiss and I change his diaper (see, it's not all rainbows and unicorns). I get to feed him his bottle in a quiet house. When I take the bottle out to burp him he screams like I have ripped off his arm (it's such a beautiful serene morning). I give up and put the bottle back in. Some day he'll learn not to swallow so much air but for now I have a bucket full of burp clothes and bibs.

At 7am I get The Girl up. I play The Deslondes which is really Sam Doores and the Tumbleweeds if you're looking for it on Spotify. If you haven't listened to them I suggest you do that now. I leave my phone in her room because, well, technology. Oscar and I go back to watching Mickey The Mouse Clubhouse and a few minutes later she'll zombie in to the living room with my phone against her ear singing Low Down and Lonesome.

Because there is nothing, I repeat nothing cuter than a 4 year old girl singing the blues.

This is our mornings now.  I am really lucky.

*Master Swaddler...also on my business cards.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Last Week in Oscar News...

Yes, it's a 2 month picture.

Little Bear rolled over.

He went from back to belly to back and sweet Jesus how it scared him.  When he was done rolling he looked up at me, stuck out his bottom lip and cried his little eyes out.  It was simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing I have ever seen.

He's talking a lot, too.  Don't believe me?  He says momma and several people will back me up on that.  He'll carry on long conversations with anyone who will listen.  Most of the time you can't understand what he's saying because he just won't.stop.spitting.  My kid is King of the Droolers.

Also, If you ask him where his girl is he starts looking for Eva.  This morning as I was rocking him, she leaned down to kiss him on the head and he reached up and grabbed her head like he was hugging her.  And then my heart melted.  And then I died.

And you will be relieved to know that I bought him several new toys.  But his most favorite thing of all is a burp rag and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

My kid is easy to please.

Uh, it should also be noted that Ozzy went as Batman for Halloween.  His sister chose his outfit and I got zero pictures of it.

You're welcome.

That is all now.

Go away.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Helloween Round 1: That Was an Appropriate Typo

Our weekend was full of Halloween.  Disclaimer: I don't like Halloween.

No, no. You're wrong.  

You see, my idea of a good time is not showing up to a stranger’s house uninvited and demanding food.  I mean, that’s just tacky. 

But oh, the things we do for our children. 

Saturday night Eve dressed up as Spider Girl and we headed to Haunt Moore or: Let’s Stand in One Long Ass Line for Entirely Too Long.  There was no tricker treating.  No games.  Just one.Long.Line.  Aside from watching my two year old nephew dance with the Lego Guy it sucked.  We peaced out of there and headed to Louie’s for some nachos, which is my idea of a good time.

On Sunday we went to my SIL’s church for some Halloween fun time.  Although I don’t think churches say Halloween anymore.  I guess fall festival?  But no one was dressed up as leaves or corn, so really church, just call it Halloween. 

Anyway, Eva liked the games but lost her little 4 year old mind over the inflatable obstacle course.  I proudly held my patience while little hellion after little hellion cut in line in front of my daughter.  Too bad it’s illegal to thump the heads of other children.  I’d be Queen Head Thumper*. 

Whatever.  When a carnie asked Eva if she was Spider Woman Eva said, “no, I’m Eva in a costume.”

*On my business card.