Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baby Sunday Wherein I Held Oscar Up Lion King Style For All The Church To See

Too long of a title?

Sunday was Baby Sunday at church.  We don't have a dedication or anything formal.  Just a bunch of super proud moms and dads parading their heathens in front of the church.

I can say that because I am one of those super proud moms who got to parade her heathens in front of the church.

I'm struggling to understand why God gave me the two most beautiful babies in all the land.

In case I don't say it enough (because I don't for fear of them gettin' all big headed) my children are perfect and smart and kind and sassy and opinionated and perfect.  When they laugh the entire world laughs with them.  Oscar Bear has a certain group of young ladies vying for his attention every Sunday morning.  And Evie Carlene can wrap any 30 year old man around her finger.  Which doesn't sound appropriate but I think you know what I mean.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Holy Child Turned Six Months Old

When I get asked how The Baby is all I can say is, "well, he's a lot of baby."  I honestly don't know how to answer them.  He is a lot of baby.  He's a handful.  He's super happy all.the.time.  But then there's eating.

Oscar Ray is just the woooooorst eater.  Have I mentioned this before?  Well, it's worth repeating.  I've been better about feeding him real food, which I think he prefers.  But sweet lord, the bottle is going to kill me.

Osci (Eva name) had his six month check up last week.  My little bear weighs 18.5 pounds and is 28.5 inches long.  He's 90th percentile in height and 50th in weight. Dr. J's response?  "Well, he could stand to eat some more."  Thank you Dr. Obvious.  Please tell us how to make that happen.  She said to make sure he gets 18 oz (so, two bottles) and then to just feed him.  Table food was fine, but watch the salt and no dairy.

And then he got his shots.  During the first shot he didn't make a sound.  I didn't even know the nurse stabbed him.  During the second shot he griped at her.  But then that was it.  No crying, no yelling, nothing.  Both of my kids have been rockstars when it comes to shots.

Reading over this I sound like I'm not in love with Oscar.  I think I keep saying "he's the worst!" because he's not Eva.  Eva is sooo easy (dramatic, but easy).  She's my little buddy, my partner in crime.  Oscar is...well, just a baby.  He's a lot of work.  He acts as if he's the one in charge all the time.  And he is.

Oscar Ray is spoiled.

But I love my little man.  I love him with my whole heart.  I know things will get easier with him.  I know he won't be a baby forever and I won't wish this time away.  Before I know it he'll start crawling and walking and talking and then he'll start preschool and I'll wish for the days when he would cuddle up with me and nap.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Here's a pic bc posts without pics are boring.

Christmas Day we (once again) drug Eva out of bed.  She sllllooooowwwwllllyyy opened her Christmas bag because Eva Carlene does not do anything fast.  She wrote a really sweet letter to Santa asking for Monster High and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and she got them.  Oscar got a bunch of clothes and a few Mickey Mouse toys because did you know that Oscar loves Mickey Mouse?  He does.

Eva bought me the world's most beautiful Owl necklace that I shall treasure until my dying day and it will never leave my neck.  Squish got me a North Face coat and a Pandora charm.  Oscar got me nothing.  Freeloader.

I'm beginning to realize just how different Eva and Oscar are.  Eva has never enjoyed opening presents.  Fun fact, she unwrapped her last mommy/daddy present as we were leaving for Squish's parent's on Christmas day.  She was making sure we weren't watching her.

Oscar on the other hand?  That boy ripped in to every present that came within grabbing distance.

It was the most relaxing and wonderful morning.  It kinda felt like our little family was complete.  It felt perfect.  I can only imagine how great the next few years will be.  Hopefully Ozzy Ray will take it upon himself to drag his sister out of bed at the crack of dawn every Christmas morning.

After presents we headed to the in-laws.  I scored everything my little heart desires because Ma Post is super stylish and knows me.  Oscar and Eva both got more toys than they know what to do with.  Which is great for Oscar because the kid had almost no toys.  Eva ended up with every MLP Equestria Girl and all the Strawberry Shortcakes.  O and Mermaids.  She ends up playing with her cousin's Donatello mask and bo staff because of course.

From there we went to the Uncle In Laws who has an amazing house on a little bit of land (where we spent 4th of July).  We played dirty Santa and you do not want to play DS with The Squishes.  We make a great team.

Anyway, I know that was a super long and boring post but it wasn't for you so there (wink).  God knows if I'm this bad at taking pictures on kid #2 I'm probably (most likely) worse at writing these things down in his baby book.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

So Christmas.  It did come. It did went and I did not take one photo of Oscar Ray's first Christmas.  Mom of the Year right here.

I didn't realize how guilty I would feel until I typed out that sentence.  Now I kinda want to cry.  There were plenty of Christmas Eve photos at my parent's house because Pa Jaws took my camera (Thanks Pops!).  But as for the new born babe tearing open packages on Christmas morn as coffee percolated and the smell of cinnamon rolls wafted through the air, well, there is just no physical evidence of that at all.

Why do I feel guilty for putting my phone/camera away while my children were opening presents?  Probably because I took a gazillion photos of Miss Evie Carlene on her first Christmas (and all subsequent Christmases).

But I ramble.  There was plenty of Christmas to be had this year and Little Bear loved every last second of it.

As a new tradition (yes, tradition now that it has happened two years in a row) my aunt has everyone over for Christmas Eve breakfast.  We wear jammies and eat and let the little 'uns open presents from Great Aunts.  I couldn't ask for a better Christmas Kickoff.

Eve night we go to my parent's house.  Normally we eat sandwiches and finger foods because sandwiches are my favorite food ever but nooooo.  A certain brother had to switch it up.  We ate brisket and I griped about it.  Even though it was good.  And Emily made chocolate truffle things and Eve and I made these.

Which do not look like these.  But Santa ate them and lessbehonest Nutter Butters are de-lish.

I'm gonna quit there because that was a lot of rambling.  I'll talk about Christmas day tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spoiler: We Didn't Get To Go To Disney World

My in-laws went to Disney World in November.  We were supposed to go but we got Oscar instead.  My momma-in-law wanted pictures of the kids in their Disney outfits she bought so...

But then really...

Oscar looks like The Fonz and well, that's Eva.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ozzy Ray at 5 Months

In case you can't tell, I've decided not to write unless I have something to say.

Oscar Bear turned five months today!

Oscar likes: Laughing, Mickey Mouse, Eva Carlene
Oscar dislikes: Eating

I may have got the world's greatest sleeper but it hasn't come without it's downs.  Eating is still such a pain.  He's started eating cereal and oatmeal, a little bit of squash and a little bit of mashed potatoes but he still doesn't keep everything down.  There is a layer of spit up all over my house.  It's like my house is haunted by regurgitated formula and there is no way to exorcise it!


I tried changing bottles this weekend.  That boy took one look at that bottle and gave me the stink eye.  He wouldn't even put it in his mouth.  Aside from changing formula (which I don't want to do again) I'm at a loss of what to do.  I guess just wait it out.

Compared to Evie though he's pretty advanced.  Eve didn't start rolling over (front to back) until she was five months old.  Oscar started that at two months and I have a feeling by Christmas he'll be sitting by himself.

Last night some friends came over with their eight month old and Oscar was about an inch taller than him.  I guess I have The Thunder's next center.  So watch your back Adams.  My boy is coming for ya.

Can I be honest for a sec? Am I a bad mom for wanting the whole baby stage to be over?  I feel horribly guilty saying that but these past few months have been rough.  I'm not enjoying this baby phase like I did with Eva.  I feel overwhelmed constantly.  I remember talking about how I'm scared I'll neglect Eva because I have to take care of Oscar and I feel like I do that every day.  I always tell her "in a minute" or "not right now."  With Squish at school and her wanting to play right as I sit down to feed Oscar, well, I just feel like a shitty mom.

I know I'm doing my best given the circumstances, I'm just exhausted.

Thus concludes this month's session of Kari Whines-a-lot.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ozzy Ray at Four Months

I mean, have you seen a happier boy?  It's this face 90% of the time.  The other 10% he's eating.  And it's a nightmare.

I don't know what his problem is (acid reflux) but feeding him since about Day 3 has been the worst.  He does nothing but spit up.  I called the doctor and she put him on some medicine and cereal.  The medicine has helped with the pain, so he's not a squirmy, kicking maniac (maniac!) that's for sure.

But the cereal isn't helping helping like I think it should.  He still isn't keeping the majority of his food down.  I did notice the rolls on his legs this past week so maybe it is helping and I'm just being a mom.

Anyway, rolling is his preferred mode of transportation and it's adorable.  Last night he eyeballed a toy he wanted and rolled until he got to it.  Then he looks up and says, "hey mom! didja see that!"

I love when he's so proud of himself.