Monday, July 14, 2014

Her Pretend Birthday

When I found out my due date was July 19th I panicked.  I wanted Eva to have all these special days.  So we planned a trip to Branson and I've really tried to say "yes" to as many things as she's asked for.

But the most special day I wanted her to have all to herself...her birsday (which is how she pronounces birthday, which is adorable).  So I planned it for a couple of weeks before her actual birthday...which was this weekend.

Kittens, I'm exhausted.  I thought it would be better having her birthday before the baby gets here so she can have a day that is All About Eva.  And she did, but I'm paying for it.

She told me she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday so we went to Target and she picked out the invitations.  Then we went to Sams and she picked out the cake.  Then Saturday morning rolls around and she tells me "Um, that's not what I want.  I want a girl superhero birsday."

I then strangled her.

My mom came over and helped* me clean Saturday morning and then my MIL and BFF came and helped* me hang streamers and blow up balloons.  I did a really good job resting (for the most part).  It's just really hard for me to relinquish control and delegate tasks.  Unless you're Squish.  I'm really good and giving him little tasks to do all.the.time.  Sorry love.

In the end she had tons of cake and ice cream and got a lot of good presents.  Her favorites were a karaoke machine, a tent for her bed and some mini LaLaLoopsy dolls.

We still plan on having a small cake and ice cream get together on her actual birthday.  Squish and I have a few more presents for her and so does her little baby brother.

*read: did it all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Merica (Because You Can't Say 'Merica Enough Times)

We seriously tried to pack in as much fun this weekend as humanly possible.  D-day is now nine days away and it’s starting to hit me. 

Thursday night we went to Blanchard’s ‘Merica Festival where Eva rode Lil Sebastian (Ian did not), ran through an obstacle course and gave her father a beat down during a jousting match.  We stayed for the fireworks show but it was pretty boring so we headed home. 

The next morning Squish dropped me, Eve and The Koolaid Man off at Ma and Pa Jaws to swim before the rest of the family showed up.  She and I stayed in the pool for about three hours…three glorious, stress free, restful hours.  Then we ate our weight in watermelon and headed off to Squish’s uncle’s house.

Squish’s uncle lives pretty close to a Tiger Safari.  So close that you can walk up to the back of the cages.  So close that when we started setting off fireworks (outside city limits…score!) you can hear the lions roar.  It was awesome.  Squish dropped a ridiculous, yet well worth it, amount of money on fireworks and I got to watch him act like a little kid.  There were roman candle fights and smoke bombs and tanks and sparklers and snakes*.  Also, no one got hurt even though one dumb uncle set off a mortar on the ground 15 feet away from us.  I found out later that none of Squish’s family did fireworks growing up and this was a first for them. 

Later that night Squish cut some limbs off a tree and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  It was honestly one of the best 4th of Julys I've had in forever.  We missed all the big displays but we were so far out in the country that everywhere you turned fireworks were going off. 

Saturday after breakfast we headed to the fireworks stand to buy whatever was left.  We made plans with Amy and Cory to swim and cookout and blow up more stuff because ‘Merica.  Amy and I made jalapeno poppers and I ate as many as I could just trying to get this kid out of me! but it didn't work and alas, I am still pregnant.

*name that movie.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Her First Concert

Photobombed by the great Hank Williams, Jr.

My daughter loves music.  She gets this from her father who was that guy before hipsters discovered iTunes.  He's made her several playlists including country, punk and my favorite, oldies. Well, Miss Eva fell in love with Let's Have a Party by Wanda Jackson.  Who just happens to be born, raised and still lives in Oklahoma*.  My cousin texted Squish one night, “thinking about going to see Wanda Jackson.  She’s giving a free concert downtown.”

And that’s how Eva got to see her first concert.  We parked not to far from where she was playing and took a pedicab to the Great Lawn because swollen feet.  Squish set me up a chair and Eva danced her little heart out.   Watching my daughter get excited about live music is absolutely one of the highlights of my life.  I’m not a very musical person at all.  I listen to NPR and podcasts 99% of the time.  I never thought I would have a daughter who was so in love with music.  Her passion for music has definitely made me appreciate it a lot more.

*I knew nothing about Ms. Wanda Jackson two weeks ago and now I love her.  Also, she’s friends with Jack White.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eva's First Crush: Our Conversation

Part of Eva's (ever extending) bed time routine is I get to lie down next to her and talk about her day.  But for no more than three minutes.

Last week we were talking about her first day of school.  She tells me she was really shy going in because she thought Greyson would be there.  And then she buried her face in her pillow and giggled until she fell asleep.

Last night I ask her about her day and she gets kinda bummed.  I said are there any new kids in your class and she tells me yeah but she can't remember their names.  So I ask if Greyson was there and she goes "no, but even when he's not there I love him anyway."

And then I died.  My little girl has a crush.  Her daddy is not happy about this at all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

His Nursery

Squish was gone last weekend.  One of the joys of being a dude is annual poker tournaments at The Cabin.  So I got Eva and Hulk all to myself.  yay.  O, did I mention I had a sinus infection?  And that I'm really cranky when I'm sick?

So, while Squish left me sick and alone with a four year old and 35 weeks pregnant I finished the nursery.  I'm really proud of it.  I've sat in there and rocked a few times and it reminds me of how I felt when I finished Eve's nursery.

And surprise!  His name is Oscar.  I would have preferred waiting until after he was born to "announce" his name but someone already posted pictures on (effing) Facebook.

O, and pretend there's a changing pad on the dresser.  Eva decided to take it and the most adorable handmade deer. I found her in the living room playing baby with them.

This was the first room Squish and I painted...ever.  We couldn't be happier with the color.  It's Palladian Blue.  I pretty much ripped off this room from Project Nursery.

I made the bedskirt.  And by made I mean, I sewed each side, made a pleat, duct taped it to a board under the mattress and called it good.  The stump came from a tree my FIL cut down in his backyard.  I sanded that bitch down and it was beautiful. I also sanded a board I found in the back yard and made into a shelf and I sanded a branch I found at my bff's house but didn't end up using.  For the last month or so I was a sanding fool.

My name is Kari and I'm addicted to sanding.

Rocker came from my granny and the arrows were old fence pickets I found in someone's trash pile on the side of the road.  I drew arrows on them and thought, meh, good enough.

So the room is ready and I can't wait until I get to put my next DIY project* in there.

*my next DIY project is my kid.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And Then There Were Showers

Sorry, sinus infection.  Also, longest pregnancy in history and I'm over it.  I'm convinced I'll be the first woman in history whose child will burst from her stomach Alien-style.

That showers!

This was a few weekends ago but laziness and thank you note writing took up most of my week.  Squish's mom insisted on having a Girl's Night Out.  Which doesn't mean what you think it means.  Anyway, she threw me a surprise shower.  My mom and aunts were even there.  I was surrounded by all the women who love me from both sides of my family.  It was a pretty special night.  Especially since Squish's cousin made snickerdoodles.  Which are awesome.  And I ate seven of them.

You don't get to judge me.

The next day my lifelong friends threw me a church shower.  I should have been better prepared for it, but I wasn't.

It was a weekend full of smiling and thanking people and talking and being the center of attention.  It took a lot out of me.  I hope that doesn't sound bitchy.  I'm really appreciative of all the time and energy everyone spent on me.  I never feel like I deserve it so when it happens I get overwhelmed...and sweaty...o, and awkward.

I gotta give it up to Jeana, this is the only picture I love of myself.  I have a pretty distorted view of my body and being pregnant doesn't help things.  If I have the Incredible Hulk growing inside me that must mean I'm pretty freakin' huge, right?

I should really learn to quit complaining and be more grateful.  I am, I promise.  I'm just so tired and over it.  I was lying in bed last night thinking if this kid is as awesome as his big sister then I could only be pregnant for another week and a half.

A week and a half.  That should make me panic but it actually makes me feel really relieved.  I'll be extra super happy to be holding a squirmy little boy in my arms instead of having him try to burst from my stomach Alien-style.

Yes, I know I already used that metaphor.  But it's so appropriate.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Bittersweet Feeling; Like Eating Day Old Donuts

Squish and I went for my hopefully last MFM appointment on Tuesday.  We got to see our little boy again.  Which, when other people show me their ultrasound pics I'm all "ah, that's so sweet" but when it's my kid I'm all "OMGTHATISTHECUTESTFETUSINALLTHEWORLD"

Anyway, Captain Awesomepants' heart is all clear.  However the doctor is now concerned with how large he is.  Apparently I'm going to give birth to The Hulk.  I'm beginning to think that I'm not going to make it to my July 19th due date and that makes me really, really nervous.  Because, you know, omg there is still a shelf to hang and bottles to buy and I need to finish sanding and leveling that tree trunk and hang that picture and plant some flowers and paint Eva's room...You know, really important stuff that a newborn will sincerely care about when he gets here.

I'm starting to get really, super stoked about meeting my little karate champ.  I already know he enjoys rearranging my innards and giving me heartburn in my ears.  But I really want to hear that new baby cry and hold him in my arms.  I want to pinch his little toes and watch his little itty bitty fist close around my finger.  I wanna see that newborn yawn!

Of course, all this means that my alone time with Eva is coming to a close.  I've never felt so sad and happy at the same time.  My biggest fear is for Eva to think that I don't have time for her anymore or that I am replacing her.  If it wasn't for her and the confidence she gave me, then I wouldn't be doing this again.

So there ya go.  That's my update for the week.  I'd like to imagine I'll be doing lots of fun things this weekend like going to the lake or drinking a limearita on the back porch while watching The Thunder kick ass but it's supposed to rain and I'm knocked up so it'll probably be a whole lot of movie watching and ice cream this Memorial Day Weekend.  You know, do it right.