Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Recap of December

So December came and went and, as with every other family in America, it was packed full of stuff.  My mom and I took Eva to see the Nutcracker and she loved it.  Her favorite part was the battle with the Nutcracker and the mice (who I accidentally called rats, but really, what's the difference?).  She loved the rats and was super upset when she learned they were the bad guys and they didn't have names.

Eve also had her first dance recital.  I got about two pictures.  The night before it was freezing and we got a ton of snow.  We were all worried the recital would be canceled but we soldiered on.  Mine and Squish's parents both braved the cold and so did Auntie and Ian.  That made Eva's day.

And then of course, there was Christmas.  This was the best Christmas with Eva.  She had a crazy list of things she wanted.  I decided to write them all down (it changed every time we asked her).

Eva's Christmas List 2013:

  • A ball of pink yarn with a polka dot bow
  • A horn
  • Stop lights
  • Lights that are more different (from stop lights)
  • A blue blankie like Nina's named Daddy Blankie
  • Green toy tree
  • Blocks to build Barbie a house
  • Ice cream for her dolls
  • A fake burrito 
  • A hippo
  • A bag of my very own string*
A hippo was the only thing she asked for consistently.  So she got three.  Squish found one that I assumed she'd hate.  It was a purple "baby" type hippo with a rattle in it.  It had stripped legs and sorta looked like a hippo.  Then on Christmas Eve I realized there was one place we were overlooking that surely had to have a hippo.  Not Target or Walmart, but...the zoo

So we trekked out there and glory, glory hallelujah the gift shop was open!  Squish got her this plastic collectible hippo (that scared the s.h.i.t. out of her when she opened it).  Just as we were about to leave I passed by a display that said "All hippo merchandise 20% off."  

Are you kidding me?!  We had been all over that gift shop and even asked the people for help and no one mentioned there was a pretty decent sized hippo display with stuffed hippos right there by the front door?!

Anyway, we found a pink one, which I assumed would be her favorite, and headed home.

Cut to Christmas morning and every morning thereafter.  She loves that purple hippo.  Way more than she loves the pink reindeer.  We had to wake her up to open presents and then literally drag her into the living room but once she woke up she had a good time.  

She ended the holiday with 21 new Barbies.  We also saw Frozen and then lived and breathed Elsa, Anna and the soundtrack for the next week.  I loved it, so did Eve and the rest of America.

And that was that.

*Because nothing makes you feel like Mom of the Year like when your kid asks for a bag of her very own string.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday. My daughter once asked for a stuffed armadillo. Yeah...finding that was real fun.